Latest opinions and testimonials from students and professors about the Master in 3D Printing and Advance Manufacturing, MIFA

“After discovering the technology of additive manufacturing and the potential that it presents, I found the Master in Engineering and Additive Manufacturing at the School of Mechanical Design, where I am specializing in such a revolutionary technology, as a designer, it allows me to know all the capabilities and limits of This technology, developing my designs with more versatility and creativity than traditional manufacturing methods.

The study methodology has a great practical weight, being able to immediately develop the knowledge that is acquired throughout the course. The professors are professionals of the sector, which allows me to learn first-hand all the possibilities that additive manufacturing offers me in terms of design and its industrial applications.

At the job level, I believe that it will be a differentiating element of great weight in my future work opportunities, since it is a technology that is increasingly present in the main design and manufacturing companies. ”

Oscar Salcines Salas
MIFA Student 2016-2017

“Exceptional! I was looking for a high level 3D printing course and I found this master in professional 3d printing, and in the Master in Engineering and Additive Manufacturing I was able to learn the fundamentals and real capabilities of a booming technology to apply in my professional career.

The knowledge of the most outstanding professionals in this technology and the ability to manage the machines of different types of operation and software allow us to acquire the ability to find better design solutions to existing problems and develop strategies to solve the new needs. ”

Miguel Aparicio
MIFA Student 2016-2017

BackBack to “After studying the Master in Engineering and Additive Manufacturing (MIFA) of EDDM Training, I can say that I am professionally trained in the use of different 3D printing machines, as well as in the use of the different slicing software that allows to carry out the printing of the required parts.

Given the excellent level of the theoretical classes, given by professionals in different sectors with application in this technology, and the great practical weight of the MIFA master, developing the entire process in each CAD design practice, manufacturing and testing of the manufactured part, as students we have left totally prepared to focus our professional careers in this sector and bet on this new technology in current growth. “

Miriam Martínez Brines
MIFA Student 2016-2017

“Estudiar en EDDM Training el Máster en Ingeniería y Fabricación Aditiva te permite tener a tu alcance todas las herramientas necesarias para conocer en profundidad esta nueva tecnología. La impresión 3D es una tecnología madura, que crece diariamente y cuyo potencial está aún por definir. Me alegro de haber empezado este camino en EDDM.”

Carlos Izquierdo
MIFA Student 2016-2017