Latest opinions and testimonials from students, professors and professionals about the Master Aeronautical Mechanical Design, MEDMA.

“Since the beginning of the classes, after almost 4 months, he has shown not only to adjust to the expectations that he had deposited in the program, but to improve it more than enough.

The MEDMA Master has a very tight agenda for the preparation of what will be expected of us as soon as we join our jobs. The professors who teach class are most responsible for design sections in different companies and airplane models, and constantly insist on the form, method and times that must be fulfilled so that from the first day we are aware and familiar about what we are going to ask in the future as professionals in the sector.

In addition and as a complement to everything we develop in class with the theoretical, we have collective practices to assemble different solutions and devices of specific requirements in a specific section of the plane, where we have to defend our proposals and apply everything we learn by mentioning regulations, manufacturing methods, product configuration … among others

In the first practices we were a bit lost, but as we move forward and with the help of the teachers as there are many facilities to solve doubts, we begin to feel more autonomous when it comes to drawing and presenting convenient solutions to the problems that make us face and that surely we will find ourselves in our jobs later on.

A success, from beginning to end. ”

Mario Rodriguez, MEDMA Student 2017-2018

“The Master in Mechanical Aeronautical Design MEDMA offers a wide variety of modules, which are taught in depth, and all teachers have a lot of experience in the industry and this allows students to solve all their doubts with the guarantee that The answers are going to be very valuable because they are what they do every day at work.The practices that are carried out in the master allow to better understand the knowledge that is taught during the theoretical classes, and, although it is a bit hard to reconcile everything The above with working at the same time, always makes an effort to deliver everything on time. ”

Raúl Monreal Garijo, MEDMA Student 2017-2018

“It would not have to be like that, but the universities of our country are not getting to generate specialists in mechanical design, but engineers with a generalist theoretical knowledge, a limited capacity in the use of the tools used in this field and a great ignorance of the way that you work in a Design Office. And this is not what the Spanish aeronautical sector expects to receive if we want to maintain our industry at a high level of competitiveness, knowledge and employment. The MEDMA was born with vocation to fill that deficit and in its first two promotions the result has been more than remarkable. The specialists in mechanical design from their classrooms have given our company a differential in human capital that was previously difficult to achieve in recent graduates and young professionals. ”

Félix Ramón López Martínez. Director at Sogeclair Aerospace

“I am finishing the MEDMA course and doing the professional practices and the experience is totally positive. Both the contents of the master’s degree, very oriented to the needs of the aeronautical sector but also exportable to other sectors, to the professors, all with highly contrasted technical knowledge and positions of great responsibility and relevance within the different companies of the sector. Also mention the tools used that simulate a real work environment and that allow you a very fast adaptation to the job, apart from Catia V5 that does not need commenting.

I have seen first hand the good reception that we have in the sector to the students who attended the master, opening many doors in addition to allowing us to make first class contacts in the industry.

Apart from everything technical I also have personal experience, as for my colleagues and the teachers everything has been perfect, kindness and treatment.

In short, it is highly recommended to everyone who is looking to enter the world of mechanical design. ”

Javier Portilla. MEDMA Student 2014-2015

“To this day, only EDDM has found the key to training for the professionals of the future of the aerostructures sector in Spain.

MEDMA students clearly mark the difference in the selection process to incorporate designers without previous experience in Altran. ”

Javier León. Head of Mechanincal Engineering Department at Altran Innovación

“The Master in Aeronautical Mechanical Design (MEDMA) is a training tailored to the needs of the world of aeronautical design, taking into account the requirements of companies in the sector to improve each year, have people from MEDMA, is to know that has technicians with a large training base and it is this knowledge that makes the development of work easier, when facing the challenges imposed by the sector. ”

Dina Ruiz. Responsible for Selection FERCHAU

“I was one of the students of the first edition of MEDMA and as an opinion on the master I can say that it is a perfect harmony between theory and practice. The practice is carried out with projects similar to real ones and simulating real working environment at all times. Both theory and practice are taught by professionals of great renown in the sector and with much knowledge on the subject they teach as it is their day to day work.

The dedication of the teachers is incredible during the master’s and once you finish they are still there to help you when needed.

As for the practices in companies, I can only say good things. The adaptation is very fast and you start to get useful work almost from the first day. Coming from the master we have a solid base to start working and thanks to that we start to do more complex tasks much sooner than a person without that training, with the consequent learning that that supposes.

And finally, and I speak with knowledge of the cause, having such a complete master is highly valued when looking for job opportunities.

Personally I am delighted to have completed it and I recommend it 100%. If someone wants to contact me, you can find me on linkedin. I will be happy to solve your doubts to the best of my ability. ”

Nazar Klachko. MEDMA Student 2013-2014

“The Master in Aeronautical Mechanical Design has given me the necessary inertia so that my adaptation and autonomy as a designer in the company has been optimal. I really liked the training approach in which projects are practically the same as those that are being carried out today in the main companies in the sector, all this together with a work environment through PLM and PDM applications and with professors who are expert professionals in the sector. All these factors make the MEDMA different from the rest and when you finish it and start working you realize it. ”

Manuel Herrero. MEDMA Student 2013-2014
“It is a master’s degree that complements the theory with praxis very well, with an undeniable added value: some demanding practices that allow the application and settlement of the acquired knowledge, through an environment and tools that prepare the student for what is will find in the world of aeronautical design work ”

Antonio Verdugo. Professor MEDMA

“If you think of the Master as complementary training to the one received at the University from the point of view of a recent graduate, I think it is a perfect complement, because everything is focused from the practical point of view of how you really work, and there are no “things” like deductions of equations in university plan, the training is focused exclusively for a focus directed to the labor sector, the environment is very good, and you can meet many people with experience in the sector and who is very good at theirs, they also like what they teach, and many have very good didactics, in the sense that it is easy to learn and understand what they teach.

From a labor point of view, it is an opportunity to be able to gain experience through the Master’s practices to which you arrive with a basis for the training received in it, I think it is important to then be able to continue developing your professional career within the sector, Doing an internship is fundamental, if you have not done them in your academic stage, look for some Master with practices in my opinion is basic.

The Master has also helped me to know a sector that I did not know enough, since my training was aimed at other sectors, which I found quite interesting. I’m not the one to give advice to anyone, but if someone is interested in doing a Master, I think the main thing is to know what you want to do, where you want to run a career, it seems easy, but I was not clear, I chose this Master based on those questions, and I think it was an appropriate decision. ”

José María Martín de Castro. MEDMA Student 2014-2015

“The master in aeronautical mechanical design is a compendium between theory and perfect practice, the simulation of the work environment is realistic and gave me a very valuable experience when facing my first job as a designer.”

Vicente García. MEDMA Student 2013-2014

“MEDMA provides a very complete theoretical knowledge, thanks to the professionals who teach it; but the most important for me are the practices, which together with the simulated environment that is created to perform them (work groups, PLM tools, …), helps when you join the working world, the adaptation is very fast. ”

Antonio Terrón. MEDMA Student 2013-2014

“From my experience, the Master in Mechanical Design (MEDMA) is 100% recommended for its complete agenda, experienced teachers and an eminently practical approach that allows you to be productive from the first day you join the labor market. During the course, you carry out a project in work groups, creating a work environment similar to the one you will later find in your professional career. In addition to the deep knowledge acquired, the possibility offered by the master to be able to work in leading companies in the sector is another incentive to pursue it. ”

Javier Fernández. MEDMA Student 2013-2014

“What I liked the most is the similarity with the real work environment, makes the adaptation to work faster”

Diego Manrique. MEDMA Student 2013-2014

“MEDMA provides the designer with the deepest and most varied knowledge of CATIA, learning to master numerous modules and tools that allow working in various aeronautical design disciplines.

The theoretical content of the program is profound and varied, and the practical cases recreate perfectly the work environments that the designer will find in the day to day work.

Upon finishing the master’s degree, the student will have acquired the level and knowledge of a designer with 2 or 3 years of experience. “

Diego de Juan. MEDMA Student 2013-2014

“A training like the one provided by the Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Mechanical Design (MEDMA) was something I believe necessary in the current environment of the Spanish aerospace industry, and we are increasingly involved in more demanding programs and in the conditions of a multicultural environment that demand Be prepared for any new challenge.

In a changing environment, adaptation is essential for success and this is where MEDMA provides the training that was missing, a training aimed at new graduates or professionals who wish to focus their career on mechanical design in our aeronautical case and which takes take into account the current situation and needs of the sector.

The contents of the master reflect the different sections that affect the current process of design documentation, not only methodology but also include a general description of each of the different design disciplines. A vision that in normal circumstances would take years to obtain.

In short, MEDMA is an added value that, many of us who have been dedicated to it for a long time, would have liked to have had at our disposal before being fully involved in our daily functions.”

Antonio Alcón, MEDMAProfesso. 
 Head of Design Cabin & Cargo Hold – Airbus Defence & Space

“One of the things that I liked most about MEDMA are the practices; with them you really learn to apply all the concepts taught in the theoretical modules and they are also very interesting and entertaining. The simulated work environment makes you feel really inside a team and you are designing your own plane.

Another thing that I would highlight is the professionalism and dedication of the experts who come to teach the classes. The MEDMA team manages to spread their passion for mechanical design and they are always willing to help, they are true “cracks”.

Finally, I am also left with the amount of knowledge acquired in both mechanical design and the CatiaV5 tool, a knowledge that I have already seen first-hand how highly valued it is in the world of work. “

Daniel Ruiz. MEDMA Student 2013-2014

“The MEDMA Master prepares students to be productive from the first day they join their job and, most importantly, have criteria when designing and documenting.”

Manuel Tavira, MEDMA Professor
 , Design Engineer – Airbus Defence & Space

“You can identify a pressing need for your client, create a company in record time to be able to give an answer to that need but if at the time of designing and creating the first prototype we are 12 years old it is likely that:

– the customer no longer has that need,

– the need has been covered by our competence,

– or, in the best of cases, that the development costs are so high that the amortization will never cover the investment made.

This is the problem that it is intended to cover with the Lean Design subject in the EDDM master’s degree. Create components with a minimum cost, in the shortest possible time, complying with all customer requirements and with proven reliability and performance before being put into production “

Víctor Elviro, MEDMA Professor
Director of Engineering and Operations – LTK Services