Latest opinions and testimonials from students, professors and professionals about the Master in Aerospace Structural Analysis, MECEA.

“From my experience as a student, the Master in Structural Aeronautical Calculus from EDDM is a unique opportunity to get started in the real world of aeronautical engineering.

As well as the environment and tools available, as well as the professors, professionals of the leading companies in the sector, this master’s degree is the best way to learn how to do engineering in a real environment before starting work. Not only provides you with the most used tools for structural calculation in the Airbus environment, but also allows you to know the methodology and working criteria of a calculation engineer in detail.

In addition, the opportunity to have an assured internship period, guarantees a continuity in the training that will allow you to apply all the knowledge acquired during the course in the working world.

In short, this master is the perfect opportunity to complement your training as an engineer and give the necessary boost to your career to fully enter the aerospace sector. ”

Rodrigo Santos García . MECEA Student 2017-2018